Troldhaugen Lodge received at the

Snowy Monaro Business Awards 2018 

Excellence in Sustainability 

At Troldhaugen Lodge we are continually working to reduce our environmental impact.  Since purchasing the lodge in 2016, we have introduced many practices that, as a guest, you will hardly notice but these small initiatives help to reduce our waste, save on water and use less energy.


In 2018 we renovated all of our bathrooms installing low flow taps and dual flush toilets.  Our dishwashers and washing machines were replaced in 2017 with water and energy efficient models.

All of our gardens are mulched to reduce water use.

You will find different coloured towels in your rooms for 2 reasons: firstly, it helps each person to remember which towel is theirs and so not require a fresh towel each day, and secondly, there is plenty of evidence that white towels require more hot water and chemicals to keep them white, and they are more likely to be unusable due to stains or marks and so end up in landfill. White towels wastage is especially prevalent in the Snowy Mountains during summer due to the oil from bikes. All of our towels are line dried to save on energy.



You will notice that there are no single portion foods at the lodge.  We purchase all foods in bulk, recyclable containers and decant them into small reusable containers for guests’ use.

You will find a compost bin on the trolley outside the kitchen.  All breakfast leftovers can be put into the compost bin, including our recycled paper napkins.  All of this biodegradable waste goes into our large compost bins and after rotting down is used on our gardens.

You won’t find any single use bathroom amenities at the lodge.  One room can generate up to 1000 individual guest soap bottles per year. These small plastic bottles all end up in landfill as they are too small to recycle, and the unused liquid product ends up leaching out and polluting our waterways. Guests will find The Snowy Mountains Soap Merchant range from local company Ecomenities who supply a zero waste hotel soap system. 

You will find waste bins and recycling bins in all common areas.  Snowy Monaro Council recycles all glass bottles, cans, PET plastic bottles, cardboard and clean paper.


You will notice that all our bathrooms have tamper proof soap dispensers. This simple act reduces the mountain of single use plastic that is discarded each year. Mini guest soaps create an enormous amount of plastic waste. We are able to provide our guests with luxurious amenities from The Snowy Mountains Soap Merchant range. These soaps are created here by Ecomenities in the Snowy Mountains from locally grown botanicals. Ask at reception if you would like to take some home. 


In late 2016 we installed a 5.4kW photovoltaic system on our roof. It generates almost all of our power during summer and about 40% of all our power needs during winter.

In 2017 we replaced a 40 year old diesel heating system and inefficient gas hot water system with a state of the art diesel hot water and heating system with a heat exchange panel.  Excess heat from the heating system boiler is used to heat water to supply hot water to the lodge.  Our oil consumption has stayed the same, but we no longer require any gas for heating water.

Like many buildings constructed in the 1970s, the lodge is built of single concrete block and was therefore very cold in winter. We applied Kingspan insulated boards to the inside of the building providing an insulating rating of R2.8. With this new insulation, the warmth stays inside during winter, and the heat stays outside in summer.

2023 we replaces all the old windows in the lodge with double glazed ones. At the same time enlarging the lounge room windows so we can appreciate the beautiful view over Lake Jindabyne. This is another way we are helping the environment by further insulating our building.   

Heavy curtains replaced the old cotton curtains to help keep the rooms warm during winter, and pelmets on all the windows reduce heat loss.

We have replaced all of the old inefficient appliances with new energy and water efficient models.

All lighting (including our new EXIT signs) is now energy efficient.

We source only green electricity from Red Energy.




Future Plans

  • Battery storage for PV system to help reduce energy needs.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can further improve, please let us know. Send an email to